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13 Ingredients You Can Add into Infused Water

After exploring more about infused water in the previous post, I’m pretty sure all of you want to make the infused water. But make sure the ingredients that you add are the perfect ingredients for infused water, otherwise it will taste weird or even awful. Here are some ingredients that perfect for infused water and other ingredients that match with them.


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INFUSED WATER, A New Way To Drink Water

I remembered my trip to one of the cities in Indonesia several years ago. I went with friends and one of them I just met in our trip. We had so much fun there, but then there was something I always remember about this new friend. When we were in the middle of our trip, I found that she couldn’t drink mineral water. She always ordered soda, lemonade, energy drink or any other drinks with flavors in it. Then I asked her why she couldn’t drink mineral water and she said that she always vomit every time she tried to drink, and she gave up drinking water since then.READ MORE

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5 Foods to Serve in Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2016, the year of the fire monkey, is coming in a few short weeks. I am so excited, which refers to the plenty of dishes will serve on the table. Blame the hungry tummy of mine! While the way we celebrate it may differ according to where we are in the world and family traditions, some things are certain – it is a time for families to gather, wish luck, give hongbao (red envelopes), and enjoy a nice big meal. READ MORE

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6 Reasons Junk Food is Bad for Your Health

Last weekend my family and I had a family picnic to the zoo. So, I prepared loads of food for my family. Everyone loved it and even finished all of it – what a proud mom I am. But the problem came after we went home. We didn’t expect that the traffic would be that bad last weekend. We were stuck for 3 hours, it was getting dark and almost at dinner time. I ran out of food and my kids were getting hungry. READ MORE

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Green Tea, The Healthiest Tea in The World

My day won’t be complete if I don’t start it by drinking a cup of tea in the morning. That’s how I start my day! I love every kind of tea – Earl grey and Ceylon, or even the herbal one like ginger, lemon grass or Roselle tea.
So many kinds of tea but actually there are 4 common varieties of tea – white tea, black tea, oolong tea and green tea. From those 4 varieties, studies claimed that green tea (which is also my favorite) is the healthiest tea in the world. Why the green one becomes the healthiest one? Let’s explore more about this healthiest tea!


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6 Hottest Chilies in the World

In a previous blog post I talked about the benefits of spicy food. Over the last week I have been interested in finding out a little more about the worlds hottest chilies. Did you know a chilli peppers heat is measured on the Scoville Heat Unit (SHU). The SHU is a measurement of the pungency of chili peppers and other spicy foods. So, without further a do, here is a coutndown of the worlds spiciest chillies:


Spicy Foodies – These 5 Reasons Will Make You Like Spicy Food

5 reasons why you should live spicy food


It has been raining in my city for a few days, which means it’s getting colder. But rather than snuggling lazily under the blanket with my kids, we – foodies – have a better way to enjoy these rainy days. Obviously it’s food.

People always link the cold weather with warm food. Nah, that will be too mainstream for me. What about enjoying something warm and SPICY? You will be thinking that’s not quite a good idea. Why not? The spiciness from the food is actually heating us up. Don’t stop to that because I have 5 reasons will make you like spicy food.


5 inedible fruit peel that are surprisingly healthy

fruit peel

We know that fruits contain vitamins, fibers and ingredients which are good for our body. Yet, not many people know that fruit peel is very nourishing, too. You are wondering now – which fruits those are? Let’s check them out!


What snacks say about you


Ever wonder if someone’s favorite snack can expose her or his personality? The answer is – yes it can. Food does more than just satisfying your hunger. It can tell more about your personality than you would ever imagine.


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6 tips to “trick” your child to eat fruit and vegetable

Most of us moms have this issue. The mom is trying with her 101 ways to make their kid eat fruit or vegetable. And the kid still doesn’t even want to touch those. We as moms are usually very sensitive about this topic, since we are very concerned about our kid’s growth. And we all know that fruits and vegetables contain fiber and vitamins which can be highly beneficial for their growing body.


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  • reduce food waste

How to reduce food waste

More than 1/3 of all food produced globally is wasted or spoiled. This would be more than enough food to feed the nearly 1 billion hungry people all over the world. The waste is not only needless consume of water and land resources, but also costs us around 20 billion USD each year!

You think if you change your behavior regarding food waste won’t change much? You’re wrong. Even if it’s a small step, it’s a step into the right direction. We have 10 tips to help to reduce food waste.


You think you can do groceries?

Me: A for…..
Boy: Apple!
Me: B for…..
Boy: Banana!
Me: C for…..
Boy: Cookie!
Me: Hey, cookie is not a fruit!
Boy: Ha ha ha ha ha…..

Oh, that’s just my two-year old chatterbox helping me with my groceries list. 😉
Speaking of lists, I always keep a copy of the Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen lists in my purse. I try to memorize them but….. Forget about it. I trust my eyes more than my memories nowadays.


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How to store, prepare and pick lobsters.

Lobster is a good source of vitamins and minerals. It’s low in fat, high in protein and less than one gram of carbohydrates makes it a great choice for a healthy diet.

How to pick lobster:

Ever starred at a lobster tank and could not decide which one to buy? If you keep these tips in mind, you can be sure to pick the best lobster out of this tank.


You don’t have to buy organic food…

… at least not everything! Organic is a symbol for healthier food. So normally you aim to buy organic food – but you don’t have to. In her second guest blog post Joyce Bates, a working mom who cooks with her heart in her humble little kitchen, blogs with soul and passion at http://www.joycescapade.com and most important, nurtures her family by being a supermom, explains why you don’t have to buy everything organic.


  • store cucumber
  • store cucumber
  • store cucumber

How to prepare, pick and store cucumber.


Cucumbers are naturally low in calories, carbohydrates, sodium, fat and cholesterol and consist of around 95% water. A cup full of cucumber only contains about 16 calories. Since cucumbers contain seeds grow from the ovaries of flowering plants, cucumbers are fruit and not vegetables, whereby they belong to the flower family Cucurbitaceae.

You see, only few foods are as cool as cucumbers, that’s why they are the perfect ingredient or snack during a hot day.


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10 signs that you are a foodie.

As a foodie myself, I can easily tell you that there are at least 10 signs that you are a foodie, which are really obvious. You’re not sure if you are a foodie? Check out our signs and if you’re a foodie, declare it loud and proud!


Mom versus Toddler versus Kitchen

Preparing dinner with kids and staying calm seems impossible? It’s not! In our guest blog post Joyce Bates, a working mom who cooks with her heart in her humble little kitchen, blogs with soul and passion at http://www.joycescapade.com and most important, nurtures her family by being a supermom, explains why it’s not.

Mama sit down… mama sit down… MAMA SIT DOWNNN!!!


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How to store food in your fridge!

Everyone knows the struggle. Either your fridge is completely full or empty. But do you know that there is a way to store your groceries which keeps them fresher? Decay, odours and mould will spread among food in your fridge if not properly stored. Here are some easy tips and tricks, which will keep your food fresh longer.


Let’s have a burger party – our recipe!

When was the last time you shared a meal with your colleagues (except lunch in the office)? Right, probably it was a long time ago. That’s why I decided to invite some of my colleagues to have a small cooking session on the weekend.


  • Your cooking. (Y)our passion.
  • Your cooking. (Y)our passion.
  • Your cooking. (Y)our passion.
  • Your cooking. (Y)our passion.
  • Your cooking. (Y)our passion.

Your cooking. (Y)our passion.

Cooking time is quality time. Doesn’t matter if you cook with your family, friends or on your own. There is a saying that you get to know a person spending time in the kitchen.

A happy hello to all foodies!


They say that the first sentence is always the hardest, especially in the very first blog post in a new blog. Mmh, actually that wasn’t that hard. Let me introduce myself quickly, my name is HappyRecipeGirl and I am a part of the big HappyFresh family. At the moment my family and I are living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Jakarta, Indonesia. But soon we will also come to another city – I am so excited! That’s the story I will tell you soon.


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Meet our stars: fresh ingredients.

The greatest recipe won’t be tasty if you don’t use proper ingredients. Just compare the taste of a meal which was prepared with fresh vegetables compared to one with canned vegetables. You know the difference.